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Feel you like a Sultana - experience the timeless beauty and the magic of the queens of the Orient
with traditional oriental recipes, combined with German craftsmanship.

The ritual of Hammam's visit

The ritual of Hammam's visit

In the Orient, it is traditional to visit the steam room once a week - not alone, but as a family ... This ritual is far more than a purification ceremony, because this future daughters-are reviewed and exchanged news. A visit to a hammam is a homely and pleasant event that is often enjoyed in the company of family and friends. Men and women each remain in their own rooms to themselves.
Recipes from the Orient

Recipes from the Orient

The learning of recipes from various local plants Morocco is a legacy that I owe to my grandmother. Back when she was young, there was no offer of cosmetics as it is today. Women had to help themselves in order to stay beautiful and attractive, as says an Oriental proverb: The beauty attracts the man, but the woman's character binds him to her.

The ritual for the home

The ritual for the home

Beauty rituals are a labor of love in my culture. In the East hasty makeup is frowned upon in the mirror. The application of various tinctures and balms is a relaxing ceremony at the end of which every woman should feel like a queen of the Arabian Nights. Just like a real Sultana up.

The care in the Arab world

Once upon a time in a faraway land a Sultana Sheherazade names ...

In the East, beauty is called with care in one breath. Therefore, I made my way to combine old recipes with new knowledge - to offer you a product that envelops your senses and your body with beauty.

Nice that you found your way to Sultana Cosmetics. My name is Amal Boutahar and I have to create a cosmetics line, which acts at the same time is natural and ethical vision.

Sultana Cosmetics brings the magic of oriental beauty experiences and personal care to your home. Sultana means queen - because every woman should from time to time like a queen of the Arabian may feel night.

about us

My name is Amal Boutahar and am a native Moroccan. My father is from Erfoud - the last town before the vastness of the Sahara desert. In his veins the blood of the proud nomads who know every single stone and bush in this wild and beautiful country is still flowing. The seemingly dry soil holds many treasures for those willing to know his secrets. So is the traditional herbal medicine still typical of the desert regions.

The idea to offer vegan natural cosmetic products that take advantage of the Moroccan and oriental commodities, but still meet European standards in handling, in their quality and design, is my personal dream.

Beauty is a family affair

With joy I remember the days when we gathered with sisters, aunts and cousins ​​to establish common cosmetics such as rose water, Khol (Kajal) or rhassoul itself. Rhassoul is ground clay that is mixed with roses, lavender and various aromatic herbs.

When I arrived in Germany a few years ago, I brought my traditional Hammam cosmetic products from Morocco. My former roommates have torn it and were surprised how smooth and clean their skin was. My grandmother had shown me from an early age how to cook his own cosmetics. So all women and girls of the family were gathered together and together we put our toiletries ago. Meanwhile, the elders (my grandmother and her sister) distilled rose water. For several days we allow to dry our rhassoul above the rooftops of Fez, to then mix it with a secret plants blend of lavender, rose or rosemary.

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