Women's cooperative from the Sous region

From a Moroccan women's cooperative in the valley of the river Sous we source our organic argan oil and organic prickly pear seed oil for Sultana Cosmetics.

We work from the start with this wonderful cooperative of about 60 women together. They are an authentic symbol of quality work and social interaction. The argan nuts are cracked painstakingly by hand and by Berber tradition by women. In order to ensure a better quality and to avoid any contamination, a machine takes over the pressing of argan oil. The studio on site offers women a large work space to work in district to interact and, of course, to laugh a lot.

Did you know that this cooperative was one of the first that has been used against racism in Morocco? The village was divided into two parts for a long time: the "white" and "black", based on the skin color. Both sides had nothing to do with each other. It was neither married nor bought from the other group.

When the cooperative was created, made himself Fatima, the founder of the cooperative, on the way to the elders and asked for permission to let the women working together - after all, it would bring economic benefits for the whole village. The elders agreed, and both sides came closer. That was 15 years ago. Organizations are now working to get married and live together in peace, both sides.

Oberurseler sheltered workshops

"Every human is unique…". So the first sentence of the mission statement of Oberurseler workshops starts. Unique and exceptional, the staff and the staff of Oberurseler workshops they actually are (a proper operation of the Hochtaunuskreises). This character also contributes to their joint work, their products and services.

The employees of the workshop are to learn and feel good individual support in the workplace. Currently 480 employees is one
offered qualified workstation, which includes a social security, even in old age. The Oberurseler workshops work and rehabilitation connect within a balanced support framework.

Among other things, they manufacture our Sultana Cosmetics boxes, wooden products for the "Shine of Sina" and "Hand of Fatima" in a loving hand.

To learn more about the workshops? www.o-wfb.de

Natural cosmetics factory in Hessen

For the joint development and manufacture of our products, we got ourselves a partner with more than 40 years of experience in the cosmetics industry on board. Since Sultana Cosmetics is a family run business, we make sure that we support other family businesses and small businesses. In the factory three generations work hand in hand and ready for you in a loving hand, the Sultana Cosmetics products.

All products are made in small batches, stirring by hand, bottled, labeled and packaged. Thus, we can offer you a very special product, which is produced by hand at the highest level.


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